Meet The Team


Austin Stoecklein - Founder/ Lead Filmmaker


Austin started out in the wedding world when he was just 18 years old. Over the past eight years, his work has been seen by millions of people. He slowly moved further into the commercial world, where he has been working as a director and cinematographer for the past 5 years with some of the worlds leading brands. He has had the opportunity to shoot on local and worldwide campaigns for Apple, Toyota, Subaru, and recently received an Emmy award for his cinematography work. While he still works in the commercial industry, his passion for making great wedding films has never wavered. He continues to be an innovative force in the industry, and is constantly looking for new ways to challenge himself. He believes kindness and character are most important, and he's an animal lover so dogs are welcome at all weddings he attends.

A peak into Austin's daily life:


Emmy the Golden - Founder/Office Manager

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Emmy is the 8 month old golden retriever that holds it all together. She provides moral support on a daily basis, as well as holds down the office when Austin is out, shooting.